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Experiential Learning

Television Studio Production

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Students in this broadcast journalism class gathered at NBC's Washington Bureau to pitch concepts to NBC's top executives   for an original series of 16 webisodes that will appear on the stations website or on-air broadcast. The top 3 ideas were selected out of the teams of students who presented. The teams then had one week to shoot a rough pilot. The winning concept was a mix between the TV series Glee and the Food Network where a group called the Flavortones sing reviews of local restaraunts. Click here to watch the pilot.

UNSEEN & UNHEARD: Documentary Storytelling in the Other Washington

Each year teams of Anthropology and film students spread across Washington seeking untold stories about individuals and organizations in the DC area that work for social change, such as of a transgendered woman who treasures her job dispensing safe syringes to her community where HIV infection rates are epidemic. Learn more here.

Ethnic Storytelling

From the first week of the Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting course, students immerse themselves in Washington, D.C. neighborhoods.

Over the semester students experience the variety of cultures and community's in the city that are not consistantly or accurately represented by the media. Students gain experience source-building and interviewing in these communities gathering material for their final projects: producing multiemdia profiles for neighborhoods in the DC area. Click here to learn more.

Sarah Menke-Fish

SOC Sarah Menke-Fish tout

Professor Sarah Menke-Fish teaches Studio Television 


Nina Shapiro-Perl

SOC Nina Shapiro-Perl

Professor Nina Shapiro-Perl teaches Documentary Storytelling in the Other Washington


Angie Chuang

Angie Chuang

Professor Angie Chuang teaches Ethnic Storytelling