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Undergraduate Advising: Non Degree Students

School of Communication

Some people may be eligible to study at American University at either the undergraduate or graduate level without formal admission to a degree program. Such visiting students are called "nondegree" students at AU. Nondegree applicants should apply to the college or school at AU that offers the course(s) in which they wish to enroll. PLEASE NOTE: the form found on this page is only for courses offered by the School of Communication.


In order to become a nondegree student at AU, you must not be currently enrolled in a degree program at any other Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area schools. You must also be in good standing with any other college or university in which you are currently enrolled. Students dismissed from another institution during the past year are not eligible to enroll as nondegree students at AU. International students are ineligible for student visas under nondegree status and therefore cannot enroll this way. 


Nondegree students pay the same per-credit tuition as our degree seeking students. Please see the AU Registrar for current costs. For purposes of nondegree study, any course numbered 500 or above is considered graduate level. Credit hours are listed in the schedule of classes. Financial aid is not available for nondegree study. American University does not accept credit cards as payment for tuition. Payment is due upon enrollment.

Returning Nondegree Students  

Students who have previously taken courses at AU under nondegree status do not need to resubmit the enrollment application to continue taking courses. Graduate level courses can be approved in the academic department. Undergraduate courses are approved in the academic advising office. Please send an email to your advisor with your full name, AU id number and the course number you wish to register. You should also indicate that you are a nondegree student.

Jessica Vazquez
Academic Advisor
Last Name: A-F
Phone: (202) 885-2079
Email: vazquez@american.edu

Tara Flakker
Academic Advisor
Last Name: G-M
Phone: (202) 885-2088
Email: flakker@american.edu

Christine Frezek
Academic Advisor
Last Names: N-Z
Phone: (202) 885-2090
Email: frezek@american.ed

Nondegree Information Form

We need to review your academic history before we can authorize you to register for a class, therefore, please be aware that you are requesting a class by using this form and not actually registering. After submitting this form, look for an email receipt which will confirm we received your information and ensure you entered your email address correctly.

This form is only for NEW nondegree students. If you've taken classes in nondegree status before, see information for Returning Students on this page.

Nondegree Information Form