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Photography Lab

Photography Equipment and Facilities


The SOC Photography Lab offers a variety of cameras to photography students, including 35mm SLR film, digital SLRs, medium format and large format cameras. Students who are currently enrolled in photography courses have access to the cameras, the studio classroom, and lighting equipment.



There are two parts of the photography lab: a darkroom and a digital Advanced Imaging Lab.

  • Our darkroom includes 15 enlargers to process your negatives and produce your own silver gelatin prints from 35mm, medium format, and large format film.
  • We also offer alternative photography processes for intermediate photography students, including Polaroid transfers and liquid light.
  • The Advanced Imaging Lab provides seven Mac-based computers to edit your images digitally. You can scan your negatives--35mm, medium format, and large format--slides and prints, and print them out using photo-quality Epson ink jet printers.


Any Questions?

Please contact the Manager of Photographic Services, Kaitlin Whitman, by phone at 202.885.2094 or by e-mail at kaitlinw@american.edu.