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Undergraduate Advising: Roles and Responsibilities

My responsibility as your academic advisor is to collaborate with you to develop an academic plan that reflects and achieves your personal goals to the greatest extent possible within the limits of university regulations and requirements.  If your goals are unclear right now that’s fine.  Use your talks with me to discover your interests – inside and outside of the classroom.  While I may do paperwork to support you in achieving your goals from time to time, my primary function is to mentor and coach you toward academic success.  If you having trouble with classes for some reason, come see me.  Part of my job is to help you connect with campus resources that can help you.  If things are going well for you, your meetings with me can be a time to talk about what the next step could be for you.   

How Often We Meet 

First year students are required to attend a registration workshop in the fall prior to your spring semester registration.  We will send and email in October with the dates and times of these workshops.  All students are required to meet with their advisor once each semester prior to registration.  During this registration meeting, students will discuss their plan for the upcoming semester and be cleared for registration by their advisor.  No clearance will be given via e-mail or via phone conversation. Other than that, how often you and I meet is up to you.  You are encouraged to meet with your advisor as often as needed.    

The Goal of Advising 

As a result of our advising meetings you will:

  • Define your personal and professional goals more clearly over time
  • Develop decision making skills that help you to make informed and intentional academic, personal, and time management choices consistent with your goals