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SOC University Honors Program

University Honors Program

  • Students must maintain a cumulative 3.50 GPA to graduate with University Honors
  • Students admitted to the Honors Program as incoming Freshmen have to complete 30 Honors course credits to graduate with Honors. At least 12 of these 30 credits should be upper-level (300 and above) Honors credits including an Honors capstone.
  • Honors capstone: students should email or meet with Lauren Feldman, SOC Honors Coordinator to review their honors capstone before it is submitted.
  • University Honors in Communication: Minimum of 12 credits must be in SOC

Level I Options (100-200 level Honors courses): No Minimum

Level II Options (300– or above level Honors Classes in Communications): 9 credits

Level III Options: Honors Capstone: 3 credits

        Option A: The student registers for COMM 490 Independent Study Project in Communication; "Honors" should appear in the second-line title on the course registration form, and the Capstone should be supervised by a faculty member in SOC.

        Option B: The student registers for an Advanced Communication course (3 credits) and completes the course with a Capstone Supplement that links a major paper or project to the course material.

The SOC Offers:

  • At least 1 section of Understanding Media every Fall and Spring semester
  • At least 1 section of Writing for Mass Communication ever Fall and Spring semester
  • At least 2 Honors colloquia courses every Fall and Spring semester

On-line Honors Requirement Worksheet: Current Honors students can review the Honors courses they have completed and how many Honors credits they have left to complete with the on-line "Honors Requirement Worksheet". To view your Honors requirements, log on to your portal (my.american.edu). Under “Academics” you will find a link called “Honors Requirement Worksheet”. If you see incorrect information on your worksheet, please email the corrections to honors@american.edu. Honors courses for which you’re currently enrolled may not appear on your worksheet until the following semester.

Department Honors Coordinator: Prof. Lauren Feldman
McCabe 221, x2041, feldman@american.edu