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SOC University Honors Program

University Honors Program

  • Students must maintain a cumulative 3.50 GPA to graduate with University Honors
  • Students admitted to the Honors Program as incoming Freshmen have to complete 30 Honors course credits to graduate with Honors. At least 12 of these 30 credits should be upper-level (300 and above) Honors credits including an Honors capstone.
  • Honors capstone: students should email or meet with Lauren Feldman, SOC Honors Coordinator to review their honors capstone before it is submitted.
  • University Honors in Communication: Minimum of 12 credits must be in SOC

Level I Options (100-200 level Honors courses): No Minimum

Level II Options (300– or above level Honors Classes in Communications): 9 credits

Level III Options: Honors Capstone: 3 credits

        Option A: The student registers for COMM 490 Independent Study Project in Communication; "Honors" should appear in the second-line title on the course registration form, and the Capstone should be supervised by a faculty member in SOC.

        Option B: The student registers for an Advanced Communication course (3 credits) and completes the course with a Capstone Supplement that links a major paper or project to the course material.

The SOC Offers:

  • At least 1 section of Understanding Media every Fall and Spring semester
  • At least 1 section of Writing for Mass Communication ever Fall and Spring semester
  • At least 2 Honors colloquia courses every Fall and Spring semester

On-line Honors Requirement Worksheet: Current Honors students can review the Honors courses they have completed and how many Honors credits they have left to complete with the on-line "Honors Requirement Worksheet". To view your Honors requirements, log on to your portal ( Under “Academics” you will find a link called “Honors Requirement Worksheet”. If you see incorrect information on your worksheet, please email the corrections to Honors courses for which you’re currently enrolled may not appear on your worksheet until the following semester.

Department Honors Coordinator: Prof. Lauren Feldman
McCabe 221, x2041,