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Undergraduate Advising: Office Location, Hours and Staff

SOC Advising

Who We Are

The School of Communication Undergraduate advising office is committed to delivering outstanding advising services to our students by utilizing the theory and practice of Appreciative Advising. Appreciative Advising is an academic advising philosophy which calls advisors to celebrate students’ strengths as they help advisees achieve their life and academic goals. It is a reciprocal approach where both student and advisor benefit and learn. Appreciative Advisors build relationships with students to keep them engaged in exploring multiple avenues for meeting their needs. We are truly invested in partnering with students to achieve academic and personal success.

Office location:

School of Communication
Office of Student and Academic Affairs
McKinley 104
202-885-2061 (main line)

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Office Hours: (subject to change)

8:00-5:00 M-F 

Drop-in Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11:00-12:00
Tuesday, Thursday from 2:00-3:00


Academic Advisors 

SOC Undergraduate Academic Advisors work with students to create a challenging academic program to launch their careers. Students are encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisors over the academic year to discuss education plans, review the degree audit report (DARS), evaluate academic progress and requirements, and discuss other education/career opportunities.

SOC Melanie Glover

Melanie Glover
Academic Advisor
Last Name: A-F
Phone: (202) 885-2079

SOC Tara Flakker Advising

Tara Flakker
Academic Advisor
Last Names: G-M
Phone:(202) 885-2088

SOC Christine Frezek Advising

Christine Frezek
Senior Academic Advisor
Last Names: N-Z
Phone: (202) 885-2090

SOC Jean McGee Advising

Jean McGee
Graduate Academic Advisor
Phone: (202) 885-2078

SOC Student and Academic Affairs Staff

SOC Ellen Jimenez Advising

Ellen Jimenez
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (202) 885-2089