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The Waitlist Process

The Waitlist Process allows students to place their names on a waitlist for closed sections in which they are eligible to enroll. When a space becomes available, an email is sent to the first student on the waitlist and they will have twenty-four hours to register for the course. 

The Waitlist is convenient and easy to use. You will follow the normal registration process on the web via There is an additional field on the Course Registration screen called “Waitlist”. The default for this field is NO. If you wish to have your name added to the waitlist for closed sections, you should update this field to YES. You will then receive confirmation that the course is closed and that you have been added to the waitlist. Your class schedule will confirm the status of these sections as “Waitlist.”

If you attempt to register for a course that is closed and you do not change the waitlist field from No to YES and decide later that you wish to waitlist this section, you need only to go back to the Course Registration screen and change the waitlist flag from NO to YES and continue as if you were registering for the course.  

How Does the Waitlist Work?  

  • On a space available basis, the next eligible student on a waitlist is granted permission to register.
  • At 8:00 am daily, eligible students will receive an email from the University Registrar, sent to their AU email address alerting them that a space has become available in their waitlisted section.
  • To claim this space, students must register for the waitlisted section within 24 hours from receipt of notification email.
  • Should student fail to register for the waitlisted course within the twenty-four hour period, their waitlist status expires and the space becomes available for the next eligible student.
  • Student eligibility and course registration eligibility rules, such as prerequisites, are always enforced.
  • Waitlist status can be monitored via the “My Waitlisted Sections” link on the portal.