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Wishes from SOC

What's YOUR wish for the coming year? We want to know!

Whether it's world peace or an A on your final, you can share your funny, quirky or sentimental wishes on Twitter #mysocwish, on facebook facebook.com/ausoc or in person in MGC Room 300. Selected wishes will be showcased on the website and in the MGC third floor hallway.

Wishes from SOC 


- To capture the creativity, intelligence and passion of our students today. To change the world for the better tomorrow!

- Finish up fundraising and complete the McKinley construction on time so that SOC can move into its beautiful new home!

- To make my loved ones proud of my accomplishments to come

- To get a great communication internship while abroad in London this Spring

- To have an amazing abroad experience in Spain

- To have a fantastic and memorable final semester in SOC


- Happy holidays and journalism students remember, if your mother says, “she loves you” check it out.

- Sushi bar in McKinley Building/ small gardens

- Spend more time with Marc Tomik

- I hope Thorin gets Erebor back!

- To pass my comprehensive PhD exams this spring, and start working on my dissertation!

- To see Ellen smile more

- To graduate and have an even more amazing last semester


- Peace, love and social media.

- Finish off junior year with a bang!

- I wish for Final Cut Pro and a new tripod

- To have awesome comm. classes, professors and tweet a lot in the Spring

- For lots of cash!

- To continue avoiding the freshman 15

- That Ellen gets all new wishes!

- Abolish finals!

- A snack coffee shop in McKinley


- To have the courage to do what I truly want to

- Be happy!

- Party on SOC!

- Lots of snow


- To take everything I’ve learned and experienced in SOC and use it at my awesome job after graduation

- A great job offer in NYC

- For my PR portfolio students to have an awesome learning experience

- The new building to be completed by graduation so we can enjoy it!

- An amazing SOC week this Spring

- A DC United MLS Cup in 2013! Vamos United!

- A stress free capstone

- For the public communication masters program to be named, “Best Education Program” of the year by PR Week Magazine

- To be able to come back to AU for Spring 2013

- Secure a great PR job right after graduation

- Equality for ALL

- A summer internship

- For the political communication program to keep being awesome