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Success Stories

  • SOC Kimberly Williams with DJ Candyman at the LA Scratch Academy

    Alum’s Research Has a Good Beat

    Is there a connection between hip-hop and religion? Kimberly Williams, SOC/BA '00, thinks so.

  • Seawell '91 Lands Seat on Denver
    Board of Education

    Fewer than 50 percent of students will graduate from high school in Denver, says Mary Seawell, SOC/BA ’91, who was recently elected to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education.

  • photo of Success Story subject Steve Dorsey

    More Than Just Luck

    SOC alumnus Steve Dorsey ’08 chalks his job search success up to luck, but determination and talent played roles, too.

  • Lindsay Webster, '03, at the Sundance Film Festival.

    2009 Rising Star Award Winner Produces Career in Hollywood

    Just six years out of college, Lindsay Webster, SOC/BA ’03, recipient of the 2009 Rising Star Award, has distinguished herself not only as an outstanding young professional, but as one dedicated to addressing important social issues.

  • Alia Yunis

    Abu Dhabi-Based Alumna’s New Novel Boasts Global Appeal

    A seasoned journalist, filmmaker, and professor whose debut novel, The Night Counter, has already garnered widespread praise, Alia Yunis, SOC/MA ’91, relies on basic storytelling skills to distill her work across fields to its most essential points.

  • Greg Grauman, SOC/BA '99.

    Propelled by School Spirit, Alumnus Recruits Next Generation

    The love that Greg Grauman, SOC/BA ’99, has for AU is palpable – so it’s no wonder that he has made a career of rallying others to become Eagles too. As acting director of AU’s Office of Admissions, Grauman’s relationship with AU “has only strengthened.”