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Investigative Reporting Workshop

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Leaders in Investigative Journalism

Investigative Reporting Workshop Launched

In 2008, SOC launched the Investigative Reporting Workshop with this ambitious goal: world-class reporting that incubates new models for financing, conducting and delivering multimedia investigative journalism. To that end, the Workshop will team some of the world’s leading investigative reporters with AU students and faculty on original long-term projects.

Charles Lewis, SOC distinguished journalist-in-residence, is the Workshop’s executive editor; Wendell Cochran, director of SOC’s Journalism division, is its senior editor. “It is crucial that we do this — and do it right now,” Lewis said. The Workshop’s advisory board includes John Carroll, veteran journalist and former editor of three Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers; NPR Senior Foreign Correspondent Anne Garrels, and investigative journalist James B. Steele, who has won two Pulitzer Prizes.

"AU provides everything this effort demands,” Lewis says. “The physical plant, the backing, and the proximity to talent and the information sources that we want to work with — or expose.”