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Visions 2014 Nominees

Congratulations to the 2014 Visions Nominees

Please join us May 7 at 8:00 p.m. in SOC's Forman Theater for the Visions Awards Ceremony where nominees will be honored and winners will be announced!

Film and Video - Undergraduate

Undergraduate Documentary

Harbor Heroes: Little Oysters in the Big Apple | Taryn Stansbury & Jaclyn Yeary
Speak Up! The Story of a Teenage Activist | Edeny Tran, Curt Devine, Tori Vogel
Those Who Fight | Ford Fischer & Trey Yingst

Undergraduate Fiction

The Interns | Katie Andrews
Man, Bird | Neil Deininger, James Swartz, J.C. Tecklenburg, & Madeline Turrini
Parallel | Emily O'Connor
My Valentine | Eugene Litman & Yejin (Eileen) Oh

Film and Video - Graduate

Graduate Documentary

JFK: Building Peace For All Time | Matt Fredericks
Fondly, Maggie | Lindsey Sitz
Bullets Without Names | Amberly Ellis
Building Fort Houston | William Reid
The Gunmaker | Michael Shipman

Graduate Fiction

The Matchmaker | Lonnie Martin
Drained | Ross Godwin
Shadow | Richard Fields and Amberly Ellis
Dira | Anedra Edwards, Matthew Lucas, & Patrick Flynn
Love & Variance | Richard Fields
Cheeto | Matthew Lucas

Graduate Thesis

Picking Up The Pieces | Amanda Winkler
I Want To Be An Astronaut| David J. Ruck
America's Wilderness | Sarah Gulick & Erin Finicane
Colors of A Displaced Identity | Areeb W. Zuaiter


Outstanding Audio and Video Production

Political Unscience | Jacob Motz
Written on Water | Jason Parker
Visions for Change | Trey Yingst & Ford Fischer


The Guardian of Guano | Ana Elisa Sotelo
Salt | Emiliano Ruprah
The Most Endangered Species in the Bay - The Waterman | Leah Jones, Emma Dacol, Marva Gibbs


Fiction Screenwriting

Art of Mime | Neil Deininger
Just Because | Emily O'Connor
Kafkaesque | Phoebe Bradford

Feature Fiction Screenwriting

 Second Chances
 1-800-Lady Child

New Media

Motion Graphics

Matthew Moore's 2013 Reel | Matthew Moore
Motion Graphics Reel | Kent Chadwick

Commercial or Graphic PSA

Be The Change: 3 Meals A Day | Sarah Gulick
One Body Village | Kiyoka Rhodes & Edeny Tran
City Bikes at Adams Morgan | Tapit Team (Shuwei, Cheng, & Georgiy)

Video Mashup

This Is Our Life... | Anna Johansson
Over The Rainbow | Michael Nickerson & Andy Evans
Door to Destiny | Shayla Racquel


Gulf Military Balance | Johnny Harris
Inflatable | Maggie Wann
Llamopera Presents: The Llama of Seville | Meghan Kotlanger

Web Series

Team Capital DC Decathlon | Kelsey Janelle Marsh
Quarter Century | Shayla Racquel
Ward on the Street | Spring 2014 Studio Television Class


Kelsey Janelle | Kelsey Janelle Marsh | Ford Fischer & Trey Yingst
Baked and Wired | Julia Seaton

Craft Awards


Corsario | Raul Rios-Diaz
The Crab House | Spencer Slishman & Frances Burkham
The Guardian of Guano | Ana Elisa Sotelo
I Want To Be An Astronaut | David J. Ruck
America's Wilderness | Sarah Gulick & Erin Finicane
The Gunmaker | Michael Shipman


Speak Up! The Story of a Teenage Activist | Edeny Tran
Quarter Century | Shayla Racquel
The Guardian of Guano | Dongfang Nangong & Ana Elisa Sotelo


Underground Sound | Tony Azios

JFK: Building Peace For All Time | Matt Fredericks
America's Wilderness | Sarah Gulick & Erin Finicane
The Guardian of Guano
| Mike Tynan


Outstanding Photography Essay

Fading, Katie Bryden
Exposure: Transgressing Beauty Standards, Nicole Cunanan
The View From 42, Jamey Warner

Outstanding Single Image

Take a Walk, Iana Kozelsky
Dawn Morgan, 5th Wave Feminist
Self Portrait, Jamey Warner
Father-Son Skate Team, Jamey Warner
Winter in Adams Morgan, Luisa Armijo
Derelict SOC, Haley Holtzscher

Outstanding Portfolio

Luisa Fernanda Armijo
Jiayi Lu

Outstanding Experimental/Installation

November Series, Anais Dicroce
Pinhole Series, Anais Dicroce

Bowden Scholarship 

Announced May 7