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Visions 2015 Nominees

Congratulations to the 2015 Visions nominees. Please join us Wednesday, May 6 at 8:00 p.m. in SOC's Forman Theater for the Visions Awards Ceremony where nominees will be honored and winners will be announced!



Undergraduate Documentary

The Big Gets Bigger | Katie Bryden
Amish Reality | Megan Yoder
Queen | Pooja Patel
Virginia Open Carry | Ford Fischer

Undergraduate Fiction

Muj Hrdina | Alan Fu
Piñata Pet | Jacob Motz, Katie Andrews
Tri Cíga | Zackary G. Mejias


Graduate Documentary

The Happy Warrior | Wei Wang
Food Not Bombs: Combating Food Waste By Feeding the Planet | Anthony Brunner
Undocumented: A Short Documentary about Central America's Child Refugees | Ryan Schuette

Graduate Fiction

What You Sow | Ross Godwin
The Arboretum | Jake Fischer
Life's Checklist | Shayla Racquel
The Marvelous Voyage of Captain Brain Strike | Zan Gillies

Graduate Thesis

Among the Lost | Wesley Hunt
As a Father | Matthew Gordon
Never Forgotten | Michael Shipman
Unbind Yourself | Georgiy Molodstov


The Battle of Wanat | John Napolitano
Luchadora | River Finlay
I Was There | Kristian Perry


Honey Bees & Humans | Lauren Brielle Neville
Chesapeake Villages | Vanina Harel, Shayna Muller, Nick Zachar
Add One Back | Sam Sheline


Outstanding Short Screenplay

Four Questions | Lindsey Sitz
Stony Hearts | Spencer Slishman
My Last Seven Days | Adam Lee


Outstanding Feature Screenplay

Henchman | Jacob Motz
West of the Moon | Sara T. Gama
Stargazer | Matthew Lucas


Outstanding Documentary Script

The Boy With The Dinosaur | Lindsey Sitz
Black and Green | Shannon Lawrence
Breaking The Sound Barrier | Wei Wang


Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Reel | Stephanie Brown
Motion Graphic and Effects Reel 2015 | JC Tecklenburg

Commercial or Graphic PSA

Universal Design - Signs | Georgiy Molodtsov
Immigration Mythbuster | Julián Gómez
Energy Saving, Starts with Lighting | Chuyin Tian

Video Mashup

African Dream | Isabelle Billon
Yes on H8 | Stephanie Brown


Lusupov Box | Emma Kouguell
Butterfly Effect Title Sequence | Violet Jiang
Clock Work Ant Title Sequence | Shayna Muller
Boom | Brendan Fay

Digital Series Manipulation

Kindness | Madison Long
Self Portrait | Katie Andrews
When The Snow Melts | Katherine Parody


Matthew Lucas' Professional Website | Matthew Lucas
Syllabus Website | Benjamin Fall
Restaurant Website | Benjamin Fall


Best in New Media

Energy Saving, Starts With Lighting | Chuyin Tian
Motion Graphics and Effects Reel | John C. Tecklenburg III




The Beat and Path: Walk of Shame | Jeremy Bell
Among The Lost | Wesley Hunt, Autumn Moran, Matthew Creger
Add One Back | Zan Gillies and Sam Sheline
Tri Cíga | Zackary G. Mejias
Chesapeake Villages | Emma Kouguell, Shiyu Wang, Emma Dacol, Chuyin Tian, Cheng Chen, Andrew Watman, Joanna Sobieski, Jacob Miller, Nick Zachar, Vanina Harel


Lee Montessori Public Charter School Feature | Adam Lee & Alexis Pazmiño
The Beat and Path: Walk of Shame | Brandon Russell
Never Forgotten | Michael Shipman
Queen | Pooja Patel

Sound Design/Recording

The Story of Legalize | Chelsea Greene
Lee Montessori Public Charter School Feature | Adam Lee & Alexis Pazmiño
As A Father | Matthew Gordon, Angelica Das and Genevieve Maignan
Muj Hrdina | Vojtech Knot and Holly Theil
Never Forgotten | Michael Shipman



Danny Welch
Arshum Rohanian
Holly Kaplan


Outstanding Photography Essay

Anthony Brunner, 4th and Madison
Michelle Hernandez, Hou'l
Georgiy Molodtsov, Unbind Yourself
Leila Nasser, Abandonment
Shayla Racquel, Black Gusto
Julia West, Scars

Outstanding Single Image

Isabella Gargione, La Fine
Kacey Keith, The Well
Jiayi "Lulu" Lu, Self-Portrait
Jen Meller, Lily
Keiran Snow-Dawson, Van Gogh Self-Portrait
Samantha Storch, Male Nude

Outstanding Portfolio

Gracie Corapi
Elizabeth Linares
Paige Salmon
Samantha Storch
Reina Villanueva

Outstanding Experimental/Installation

Ryan Blocher, Haley's Horizon
Samantha Storch, Before I Arrived | After You Left
Reina Villanueva, Restless


Announced May 6