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Dean Romzek, Credit: D. Jaffe

The role and importance of government in public affairs and its interface with nonprofit and private sector entities is at a critical juncture. Our society needs talented people, committed to the principles of service to address critical needs in the public arena. The opportunities in the public affairs arena are virtually limitless.

The School of Public Affairs (SPA) at American University is well positioned to prepare emerging leaders with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to tackle the complex challenges of today through the work of its faculty in the departments of Public Administration and Policy; Government; and Justice, Law & Criminology.

Founded in 1934, SPA is one of the top-ranked schools of public affairs in the United States. Like American University itself, SPA has a deep, historical commitment to public service, and attracts both undergraduate and graduate students intent on careers in public affairs, whether in the public, private, or non-profit sectors. The school attracts excellent students and its outstanding faculty provides challenging educational experiences. The school's Washington, D.C., location provides a distinct advantage in educating and preparing leaders for careers in public affairs, as well as engaging scholars and policymakers in important policy dialogue.

SPA's faculty are an engaged community of scholars and practitioners. They are renowned for both teaching and research, and play an active and integral role in the intellectual, professional, and personal development of every student – in and outside of the classroom. The quality of instruction at SPA is unparalleled.

The School of Public Affairs is home to leading scholars in public management and public policy, criminology, program evaluation, organization development, political science, and other complex fields that bring expertise to bear on important issues in public affairs. As these issues demand innovation and leadership, SPA offers dynamic and proven education.

I invite those who share our commitment to service and enthusiasm for learning and shaping public affairs, to learn more about the School of Public Affairs at American University.

Barbara S. Romzek
School of Public Affairs
American University

Success Story

Cochairs from the Class of ’99 attended the Ten Year Reunion at the 4Ps in Cleveland Park.  From left: Greg Graumann, Ann Marie Sharratt, and Justin Perillo. 

From Clawed to Counsel: Reunion Leader Reflects on Campus Experience Then and Now

According to Justin Perillo, SPA/BA ’99, WCL/JD ’02, assistant general counsel for the university and a cochair of the 10 Year Reunion, the best part of Alumni Weekend ’09, was “getting a chance to see friends that I have not seen in years.” 

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