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Graduate Admissions


SPA Student

Tuition (per credit hour): $1,440

Other fees may apply. To find out about other fees you may visit the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Aid

There are several financial aid opportunities for most students, including:


Merit-Based Awards

The university has established the following merit-based awards to assist full-time graduate degree students. Merit-based graduate awards are awarded to students by their respective departments using traditional merit indicators such as GPA, test scores, strength of recommendation letters, and experience. Only full-time students are eligible to receive merit-based assistance, which includes fellowships, assistantships, and study grants. The deadline for merit award consideration is February 1.


Graduate assistantships are merit-based awards that provide the recipient with a monetary stipend and tuition remission for degree-related courses. Students selected for a graduate assistantship are required to work with a faculty member.

Graduate Study Grants

Graduate study grants are merit-based awards that provide the recipient with tuition remission for degree-related courses.

Hall of Nations Scholarships

These awards are available to international students who do not have permanent resident status or U.S. citizenship. The Hall of Nations Scholarships are assistantships and graduate study grants.

Special Opportunity Awards

These assistantships and graduate study grants are for US-born minority students.

Graduate Study Scholarships

Hart A. Massey Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded each academic year to one or more incoming Canadian students pursuing graduate studies full-time at American University. The fellowship is applied to tuition charges.

United Methodist Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each academic year to new full-time graduate students who have held membership in the United Methodist Church for at least two years, have strong academic skills, and are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The scholarship is applied to tuition charges. 

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Success Story

Chigozie Ogwuegbu-Stephens

Nigeria to Iraq to SPA: MPP Student Aims to Make a Difference

Between his time serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and living in Nigeria, Chigozie Ogwuegbu-Stephens has witnessed the potentially devastating effects of poor public policy.

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The NAASPA website provides a wealth of resources regarding financial aid, scholarships, fellowships and loans for prospective graduate students.