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Alumni Profiles

Dr. John Boyer

#SPA80for80: Dr. John Boyer, SPA/PhD ’89

After nearly 40 years of experience in healthcare, in both public and private sectors, Dr. John Boyer continues to look fondly on his experiences at SPA.

Davonta Ellis

#SPA80for80: Davonta Ellis, SPA/BA ’14

Graduating in December, Davonta Ellis has worked closely with SPA faculty to examine the effects of extra-legal factors upon sentencing outcomes.

Eric Eikenberg

#SPA80for80: Eric Eikenberg, SPA/BA ’98

As chief executive officer of the Everglades Foundation, Eric Eikenberg fights with a fervor often reserved for lobbyists and political operatives.

Matthew Pittinsky

#SPA80for80: Matthew Pittinsky, SPA/BA ’94

Matthew Pittinsky has combined his experiences in technology, policy, and education to lead two successful education-related technology firms in his career.