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SPA Alumni Resources


SPA: Development & Alumni Relations
(202) 885-2660

Dan Mackeben
Director of Development

SPA: Development & Alumni Relations
4200 Wisconsin Avenue, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20016-8143

Notable Alumni


Jay Apperson, Former Chief Counsel, Committee on the Judiciary, BA/SPA'78

Donald Bathurst, Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Homeland Security, MPA/SPA'90

The Honorable Kenneth Bentsen, former Member of Congress, President, Equipment Leasing Association, MPA/SPA'85

Glen Bolger, President, Public Opinion Strategies, BA/SPA'85

Clarence Crawford, Director of Federal Practice, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, MPA/SPA'79

Robert Engel, AU Part-Time SPA Faculty, Former Program Director, National Committee for an Effective Congress, BA/SPA'82

Susan K. Hattan, Senior Consultant, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, MA/SPA'77

Lindee Lenox, Director, Memorial Programs Service, VA National Cemetery Administration, MPA/SPA/03

U.S. Rep. Donald A. Manzullo (R-IL), BA/SPA'67

Eileen Mason, Senior Deputy Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, MPA/SPA/90

Retired Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, President, BR McCaffrey Associates, LLC, Former Chairman, Federal Government Division, HNTB - Washington, DC, MA/SPA'71

Rep. James P. McGovern (D-MA), BA/CAS'81, MPA/SPA'84

Warren Miller, President, Warren L. Miller, P.C. and former Chair, U.S. Commission for America's Preservation Abroad, BA/SPA'66

Nicole Nason, Assistant Secretary, Department of Transportation, BA/SPA'92

Robert Otto, Chief Technology Officer, US Postal Service, MPA/SPA'88

Anthony Pajunas, Manager of Logistics, United States Postal Service, MPA/SPA'99

Pearlie S. Reed, Acting Assistant Secretary for Administration, Dept. of Agriculture, MPA/SPA'80

Alan J. Roth, Senior Executive Vice President, United States Telecom Association, Former Staff Director & Chief Counsel, Committee on Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, BA/SPA'75

H. Arthur Sauer, Deputy Director, Committee on the Budget, U.S. House of Representatives, BA/SPA'69

Jeffrey D. Stern, Executive Director, Advisory Council, US Department of Homeland Security, MPA/SPA'99

Gwendolyn Sykes, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Morehouse College, MPA/SPA'01

Frances Fragos Townsend, Political Contributor, the Situation Room, CNN, BA/SPA'82

William Trencher, Chief Counsel/Chief of Staff, US International Trade Commission, BA/SPA'69


James "Jim" Brett, President and CEO, New England Council, BA/SPA'73

Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, DC, SPA/MPP ’00

Theodore Carter, former President & CEO of the National Capital Revitalization Corporation, Executive Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis, Inc., MPA/SPA'99 

James H. Dillard, II, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, MA/SPA'72

Adam P. Ebbin, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, BA/SPA'85

Pamela Iorio, Mayor, Tampa, Florida, BA/SPA'81

Kevin Malecek, President, City Council, Willoughby Hills OH, BA/SPA'00, MA/SPA'02

Paul Strauss, Shadow Senator, District of Columbia, BA/SPA/86, JD/WCL'93

Sen. Richard R. Tisei, State Senator, Massachusetts, BA/SPA'84

Helene Weinstein, Assemblywoman, New York State Assembly, BA/SPA'73


Jaime Arellano, Attorney, Gomez, Krauss, Donoso, Arellano & Rojas, Llp, former Deputy Secretary of Justice, Chile, MPA/SPA/96

Marc Charles Ginsberg, Senior Vice President, APCO Worldwide, former US Ambassador to Morocco, BA/SPA'73

Pan Suk Kim, President, International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Brussels, Belgium and former Secretary to the President for Personnel Policy, Office of the President, South Korea, PhD/SPA'90

Sun Kil Kim, former Minister of Marine Affairs, South Korea, PhD/SPA'62

Kenneth Merten, Special Coordinator for Haiti, U.S. Department of State and former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia and Haiti, SPA/BA ’86

Chung Soo Park, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, South Korea, MA/CAS'61, PhD/SPA'65


Jeffrey Andrade, Director, Education Government Relations, Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville, BA/SPA'86

L. Thomas Block, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Government Affairs, JP Morgan Chase, BA/SPA'81

Stephen Brown, Senior Vice President and Counsel, The Dutko Group, BA/SPA'77

John Boyer, President and General Manager, MAXIMUS Inc., PhD/SPA'89

Mike Carroll, General Counsel, Sage Credit Company and author of Lab 257, BA/SPA'94

Pamela Deese, Partner, Arent Fox, BS/SPA'80, JD/WCL'83

Stephen Daoust, Assistant General Counsel, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BA/SPA'85

Paul Domorski, CEO, EMS Technologies, BA/SPA'76, MPA/SPA'78

Ken Duberstein, former Chief of Staff to President Reagan, Chairman, The Duberstein Group, MA/SPA'66

Susan Dweck, Management Consultant, Susan Dweck and Associates, BA/CAS/1965, MSHR/SPA'80

Erin Fuller, Vice President, The Coulter Companies, BA/SPA'93, MPA/SPA '94

Patricia Glaser, Partner/Attorney, Christensen, Miller, Fink, Glaser & Weil, BA/SPA'69

Edward Goldberg, President, Annisa Group, New York, NY, BA/SPA'68

Dana Goldinger, Partner, Succession Capital Alliance, BA/SPA'80

Peter Hofstetter, CEO, Northwestern Medical Center, MPA/SPA'77

Susan Kay, President & Founder, Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, BA/SPA'86

Brian Keane, President, Smartpower, BA/SPA'89

Michael Kempner, President and CEO, The MWW Group, BA/SPA'81

H. Spencer Masloff, Jr., Senior Vice President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, BA/SPA'83

Samantha Sackin, Senior Vice President, Golinharris International, BA/SPA'91

George Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer, Soltage Inc., former Vice President and Treasurer, NRG Energy, BA/SPA'72

Matthew Serbin Pittinsky, Chairman and Co-Founder Blackboard Inc., BA/SPA'94

Adam Stoll, Vice President, Municipal Finance, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., BA/SPA'95

Joan Woodward, Executive VP-Public Policy, The Travelers Companies, Inc., BA/SPA'86, MPA/SPA'95


Neil Canton, Film Producer, Canton Co., Beverly Hills, CA, BA/SPA'70

Betsy Fischer, Executive Producer, Meet the Press, BA/SPA'92, MA/SOC'96

Joel Glazer, Executive Vice President, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, BA/SPA'89

Frank Herzog, Sports Anchor, WUSA-TV 9, Washington, DC, BA/SPA'72

Clark Howard, Consumer Advisor, WSB-TV/Radio, BA/SPA'76

Star Jones, Former Co-host, ABC's The View, New York, NY, BA/SPA'83

Al Koken, Sportscaster/Freelance Journalist, WDCA-TV and Talkshow Host, WTEM Sports Talk Radio, BS/SPA'74

Judith Sheindlin, Host, Judge Judy, Los Angeles, CA, BA/SPA'63