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Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

American Gridlock: Causes, Characteristics and Consequences of Polarization


Event Schedule

9:00 Light Buffet Breakfast

9:30 Welcome

  • James A. Thurber, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University
  • Antoine Yoshinaka, Assistant Professor of Government at American University
  • Barbara K. Romzek, Dean of the School of Public Affairs at American University

9:45-11:00  Panel 1: The Partisan Public, Parties, and Campaigns

  • Moderator: Candice Nelson, American University
  • Alan Abramowitz, Emory University
  • Marc Hetherington, Vanderbilt University
  • Michael McDonald, George Mason University

11:05-12:15 Panel 2: Polarization in Federal Institutions and with Elites

  • Moderator: James A. Thurber, American University
  • Brandon L. Bartels, The George Washington University  
  • Jon Bond, Texas A&M University
  • Keith Poole, The University of Georgia
  • Sean Theriault, The University of Texas at Austin

12:30-1:30  Keynote Address on Polarization and Congress

  • Introduction by James A. Thurber, American University
  • Thomas Mann, The Brookings Institution

1:45-3:00  Panel 3: Polarization and Partisan Change in the States

  • Moderator: Antoine Yoshinaka, American University
  • Seth Masket, The University of Denver
  • Elizabeth Rigby, The George Washington University
  • Boris Shor, The University of Chicago
  • Gerald Wright, Indiana University

3:05-4:15  Panel 4: The Media and Political Polarization

  • Moderator: Jennifer Lawless, American University
  • Kevin Arceneaux, Temple University
  • Gary Jacobson, The University of California, San Diego
  • Danny Hayes, The George Washington University
  • Jennifer Lawless, American University
  • Natalie Stroud, University of Texas at Austin

4:20-5:15  Roundtable on Polarization

  • Morris Fiorina, Stanford University  
  • Sarah Binder, The George Washington University
  • Frances Lee, The University of Maryland 

5:15  Conference Closing

  • James A. Thurber, American University
  • Antoine Yoshinaka, American University