Research: Health Care

Long before President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress made health care reform a high-profile debate, CCPS hosted a debate between former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, to discuss health care reform. Secretary Clinton championed the health care reform while she was First Lady and chair of the Task Force on Health Care Reform in the 1993. Former Speaker Gingrich was among the opponents of reform, particularly increased government involvement in health care, at the time and continues to oppose the current Democratic reforms now being discussed.

Senator Breaux developed his campaign, "Ceasefire on Health Care: Finding Common Ground for the Uninsured" in conjunction with CCPS. The goal of the program was to open a dialogue on health care reform by bringing representatives from opposing side to the table to discuss the issue. The series was made possible by a grant from Pfizer Inc.