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The Court's Money Moment
John Henderson, Robert A. Pastor and Jamin Raskin. February 28, 2006

Amicus brief (.pdf)
U.S. Supreme Court on February 7, 2006 in support of respondents in Randall v. Sorrell.

America Observed: Why foreign election observers would rate the United States near the bottom
Robert A. Pastor, The American Prospect, January 2005

Building a Democratic State: Is It Possible?
Robert A. Pastor, Columbia Journal of International Affairs, Fall 2004

Humphrey Law Fellows Observe U.S. Election (.pdf)
Humphrey Fellows Observation Report, November 2, 2004

A Community of Democracies in the Americas - Instilling Substance Into a Wondrous Phrase
Robert A. Pastor, Canadian Foreign Policy, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2003

Corruption's Threat to Democracy: The Flip Side (.pdf)
Robert A. Pastor, Elections Today, IFES, Page 12, Vol. 11, No. 1-2003

Exiting the Labyrinth
Robert A. Pastor, Journal of Democracy, October 2000

Elections in China: Potemkin or Jeffersonian Villages?
Robert A. Pastor, Harvard Asia Quarterly, Winter 1999

The Role of Electoral Administration in Democratic Transitions: Implications for Policy and Research (.pdf)
Robert A. Pastor, Democratization, Winter 1999

Mediating Elections
Robert A. Pastor, Journal of Democracy, January 1998

The Centrality of Elections: A Global Review
Robert A. Pastor, New Perspectives Quarterly, Fall 1996

A Short History of Haiti: As Island Awaits Presidential Elections Next Month, Carter Team Insider Recalls Democracic Experiment (.pdf)
Robert A. Pastor, Foreign Service Journal, November 1995


Courting Democracy in Mexico: Party Strategies and Electoral Institutions
Todd A. Eisenstadt, Cambridge University Press, 2004

Democracy in the Americas: Stopping the Pendulum
Robert A. Pastor (Editor), Raul Alfonsin (Foreword), Jimmy Carter (Foreword). Holmes & Meier Publishers, 1989.

A Brief History of Electoral Commissions
Robert A. Pastor, in The Self-Restraining State: Power and Accountability in New Democracies, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999