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CDEM Releases New Reports on the State of Electoral Reform, July 2009

CDEM Co-Director Robert A. Pastor and Doctoral Fellow Vassia Stoilov presented the reports at the National Conference of State Legislatures' (NCSL) 2009 annual Legislative Summit in Philadelphia on July 20, 2009.

Pre-Election Assessment: Progress on Carter-Baker Commission Recommendations, October 2008

From voting machines to provisional ballots, the mechanics of American elections have changed over the past few years. But questions remain about whether reforms have gone far enough to restore public trust in our election process.

This year's primaries underscored a number of ongoing problems with voting technology, voter registration lists, unclear standards and insufficient resources--problems that continue to sow doubts about the fairness and accuracy of our elections.

This new report, released at CDEM's October 9, 2008 conference, Looking Beyond Election Day: The Future of Election Reform (.pdf), offers a pre-election assessment of what progress has been made in election reform since the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election reform released its recommendations in 2005.

Progress Report: Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, June 2007

The report, Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform: Status of the Recommendations (.pdf), chronicles what CDEM did to disseminate the Carter-Baker Commission report and its recommendations, but also focuses on assessing the what states have done in relation to the Commission's recommendations.