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  • Center for Public Finance Research

    Marvin Ward
    Assistant to the Executive Director

Mailing Address

Working Paper Series

The purpose of the Working Paper Series (WPS) is to encourage, support and disseminate research on public finance issues by the AU community. The WPS is published online periodically by the CPFR and disseminated to the university environment and others in the public finance community. The WPS is interested in publishing research on such national and international issues as: the costs of public programs and services; tax policies and administration issues; fees and pricing practices for public services and facilities; budgeting and expenditure control; purchasing and contracting; accounting and auditing of public funds; public expenditure performance; comparative and international budgetary practices and results; cash and debt management; intergovernmental and local government fiscal management; infrastructure and capital budgeting and financing; and the organization and management of finance departments.

Current Working Papers

Moving Forward with Bipartisan Tax Policy
(#09-1, January 2009)
Robert Carroll, Center for Public Finance Research and The Tax Foundation
John E. Chapaton, Concord Coalition
Maya Macguineas, New America Foundation
Diane Lim Rogers, Concord Coalition

Violating the Golden Rule: Fleecing the Next Generation from the Backs of the Past
(#09-2, Paper for Presentation at the 101st Annual Conference on Taxation of the National Tax Association, Session entitled Responsible Public Sector Investment and Debt Policy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 20, 2008)
Daniel Mullins, Center for Public Finance Research
Marvin Ward, Center for Public Finance Research

WPS Publications Policy

Submissions will be examined by one reviewer selected by the editorial office. Manuscripts (preferably in Word) should be no more than 40pp double-spaced including charts, tables and references.

Please forward your research manuscripts to:
George M. Guess, Ph.D, Editor
Marvin Ward, Assistant Director CPFR