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Dispatches from the Campaign Trail


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Dispatches from the Campaign Trail

AU School of Public Affairs is hitting the road for Election 2016

Students, faculty, and alumni from AU's School of Public Affairs are involved at all levels of the 2016 election cycle. Dispatches from the Campaign Trail is SPA’s way of showcasing expert commentary and analysis -- from the primaries to the convention floor, debates through to election day. This 2016 presidential election has been, and will continue to be, an exciting and fascinating time. We'll continue to share student perspectives, faculty commentary, and alumni involvement throughout.

Top 3 To-Do’s for Trump and Clinton’s Presidential Transition Teams

Anita McBride speaks at a panel on the importance of presidential transitions.

On Monday, October 17, SPA Executive in Residence Anita McBride participated as part of a panel speaking to members of the news media about the transition and the key issues the next president will face. The event was sponsored by the National Press Foundation, CQ Roll Call, and the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Read Anita McBride's blog

It’s Moment of Truth for GOP after Trump Video Scandal and His Threat to Imprison Clinton

Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton, right.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

SPA Assistant Professor Chris Edelson writes in this op-ed that Donald Trump's threat to imprison Hillary Clinton raises important questions about what Trump would do as President. Read more to learn about the dangers of Presidential power in this fraught election season.

This piece was originally published by on October 10.

Read Chris Edelson's Blog

Breaking Down the Electoral College

SPA Professors Jen Lawless and Elizabeth Sherman are presented at the Foreign Press Club.

How are the U.S. president and vice president elected? By electors, not directly by voters. These electors make the decision; the people do not make the decision.

According to the Constitution, electors, who are usually selected at state party conventions, represent actually make the decision about which candidate will receive the electoral votes of their state. The number of electoral votes in a state depends on how many seats that state holds in Congress.

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What is the Value of the New Hampshire “First in the Nation” Primary

The New Hampshire primary has a proud heritage at the nation’s first presidential primary. But, Daniel Kuhn asks, what is the goal of the New Hampshire primary?

First in the Nation

Ability for Change: The Disability Community's Fight for Recognition on the Campaign Trail

"I met a group of advocates with disabilities at a town hall event in New Hampshire...I was inspired by their passion and knew I wanted to tell their story." - Dan Kuhn, SPA/MPA ’16

Ability for Change

Where it Counts in Election Primaries – Delegate Math

If the presidential candidates weren’t experts in how their party’s delegates work, rest assured they’ve been studying up lately.

Election Math

Breaking Down the Exit Polls

Daniel Kuhn breaks down the exit polls from New Hampshire and South Carolina to see where the primaries are heading for Super Tuesday 2016.

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Super Tuesday Recap

Voters in twelve states went to the polls, the most of any day during the entire primary season. Did it make a difference? On the surface, Hillary looks to have ended any path Bernie Sanders had to the nomination, while Donald Trump solidified his position as runaway frontrunner.

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The Marathon of Mind, Body and Spirit that is the New Hampshire Primary

To divide and conquer. That is the strategy that AU class took in New Hampshire to meet with the myriad candidates, strategists, journalists, and more.

Blog Three

The Race to the Finish

Candidates wrap up their appeals to New Hampshire voters who head to the ballot for the nation's first primary on February 9, 2016.

Blog Four

Snapchat Dispatches from the Campaign Trail

Daniel Kuhn, SPA/MPP ’16, takes to Snapchat as he reports live from New Hampshire

Snapchat on Storify

What is it like to attend a Donald Trump mega-rally?

There are two big questions Daniel Kuhn gets from people when they hear he spent a week in New Hampshire covering the primary. “What’s it like to go to one of Trump’s big rallies?” And the other: “Where does his support come from?”

Trump Mega-Rally

Welcome to Dispatches from the Campaign Trail

This week, Daniel Kuhn, SPA/MPP ’16, is reporting live from a joint SPA-SOC class taking place at the New Hampshire Primary. Daniel is one of several students and faculty members who will share their perspectives over the course of the 2016 election cycle.

Blog One

Why Do We Care About New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire primary is a big deal. It's a part of the state's identity, which politicos argue has a civic-oriented fervor. But is it a big deal for the rest of the country?

Blog Two