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Research Seminar Series - Fall 2014

All seminars convene on Thursdays from noon to 1:00 p.m in Ward 305. Please feel free to bring a bag lunch.

August 28th

The implementation of a Congressional mandate to conduct a national baseline study on violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women living in tribal communities in the United States

Jane Palmer, Director, Community-Based Research Scholars Program, American University

September 11th

Building a Global Civil Service: The Determinants of Bureaucrat Nationality in the United Nations Secretariat

Ned Malone, Ph.D. Candidate, DPAP

September 18th

Exploring the Financial Disruption of Executive Turnover in Nonprofit Organizations

Mandi Stewart, Ph.D. Candidate, DPAP

September 25th

Administrative Burden: Learning, Psychological and Compliance Costs in Citizen-State Interactions

Donald Moynihan, Professor of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin –Madison

October 2nd

Is policy "farsightedness" possible?

Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington and a visiting Fulbright Fellow at American University

October 9th

Making Summer Matter: The Impact of Youth Employment on Academic Performance

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Professor of Public Policy, Education & Economics, NYU; Director, NYU Institute for Education and Social Policy

October 23rd


Sean Nicholson-Crotty, Associate Professor, SPEA –Indiana University

November 20th

Local Government in 140 Characters

Jon Schwabish, Senior Researcher, Urban Institute


Please contact Seth Gershenson at gershens@american.edu with any questions.