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Minor in Public Administration and Policy

The minor in public administration and policy is designed to give undergraduate students a deeper appreciation for the challenges in organizing the modern state and the manner in which the intricacies of implementation affect the achievement of public policies.

• 21 credit hours with grades of C or better and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor

GOVT-110 Politics in the United States is recommended as a prerequisite to the minor


Course Requirements

• GOVT-210 Political Power and American Public Policy 4:2 (3)

• PUAD-396: Selected Topics: Nonrecurring: Leadership in the Public Sector (3) or GOVT-460 Political and Organizational Leadership (3) (for students in the SPA leadership Program) or GOVT-484 Women and Political Leadership (3) or other approved course on leadership

•PUAD-260 Administrative Politics (3)

•PUAD-343 Introduction to Public Administration and Governance (3)

•9 credits from the following: 

  • GOVT-370 Formation and Implementation of Environmental Policy (3)
  • GOVT-396/496 Selected Topics: Nonrecurring (approved topics in public administration and policy)
  • GOVT-423 Advanced Studies in Public Policy (3)
  • GOVT-455 Equal Protection
  • GOVT-483 Women, Politics, and Public Policy (3)
  • GOVT-520 Advanced Studies in Campaign Management (4)
  • GOVT-529 Homeland Security
  • JLS-309 Justice and Public Policy (3)
  • JLS-550 Drugs, Crime and Public Policy (3)
  • Or other SPA courses dealing with public policy and administration as approved by the department chair of the School of Public Affairs.