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Master of Public Administration

Meet MPA Alumni

Ambassadors, environmental advocates, congressman, police chiefs and more. Alumni from the Master of Public Administration program have gone on to find career success in a myriad of industries and public platforms. Below, you can read about a snapshot of these successes, and learn more about the paths MPA alumni have taken toward success.

Gwen Sykes, SPA/MPA ’01

Gwen Sykes

As CFO of the U.S. Secret Service, Gwendolyn Sykes brings to SPA students years of experience managing financial operations for federal agencies. Read more »

Mark Sylvia,
SPA/BA ’96 & SPA/MPA ’98

Mark Sylvia

Massachusetts has been at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Directly involved in the state’s progressive movement is School of Public Affairs alumnus Mark Sylvia. Read more »

Andy MacCracken,
SPA/BA ’11 & SPA/MPA ’14

Andy MacCracken

When President Barack Obama decided to move forward on executive actions to support federal student loan borrowers, he reached out to SPA alumnus Andy MacCracken. Read more »

Amb. Kenneth Merten,

Kenneth Merten

Ambassador Kenneth Merten was inspired for a career in diplomacy by a strong interest in the world beyond our borders. Read more »

Congressman Jim McGovern,

Jim McGovern

Congressman Jim McGovern (D - MA) got his introduction to politics while at SPA. Today he is a champion for progressive causes in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more »

Vivian Santora,

Vivian Santora

Vivian Santora built a career as fundraising professional and today serves as chief development officer at Women’s World Banking. Read more »

Hassan M. Aden,

Hassan Aden

Hassan Aden, chief of police in Greenville, NC, has served police departments for nearly 30 years and has used his "SPA experience every day." Read more »

Erin Fuller, SPA/BA ’93 and SPA/MPA ’94

Erin Fuller

Erin Fuller, FASAE, MPA, CAE, is a leader in nonprofit management, and credits her experiences at AU's School of Public Affairs with preparing her. Read more »

Duilio Correa,

Erin Fuller

Duilio Correa, a native of Peru, has never let his physical limitations hold him back -- in the classroom or on the job. Read more »

Allison Bawden,

Allison Bawden

For 10 years Bawden has served at the GAO, where she focuses on important national security issues, specifically nuclear security and cleanup. Read more »

Jodi McCarthy,

Jodi McCarthy

Director of the FAA's Air Traffic Control Facilities Directorate, Jodi McCarthy is using her experiences from SPA to lead a number of high profile government projects. Read more »

Rachel Beistel,

Rachel Beistel

Current Position: Program Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research

Favorite Class: Leadership in the Changing Workplace

Favorite Aspects of the program: The highly qualified professors and diverse student body

Lisa Shuman,

Lisa Shuman

Current Position: Regulatory Analyst, Strategic Management Services

Favorite Internship: National Committee for Quality Assurance

DC Tip: Take advantage of living in DC, and explore everything it has to offer.

Reginald W. Mitchel,

Reginald Mitchell

Current Position: Controller, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Favorite Aspects of the program: Learning alongside of very talented individuals in my cohort class.

Career Tip: Always remain open to continuous learning. It should be a life-long endeavor.

Ned Malone,

Ned Malone

Current Position: PhD Student, American University

Favorite Internship: Department of Defense

Career Tip: Don't plan too far ahead. Be open to unanticipated opportunities.