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Master of Public Policy

MPP Areas of Concentration

Students typically take three courses (nine credit hours) in their area of concentration. The listed areas of concentration for the MPP degree program are as follows:

  1. Social Policy
  2. International Development
  3. Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy
  4. Public Financial Management
  5. Nonprofit Policy, Management, and Leadership
  6. Public Management
  7. Advanced Policy Analysis
  8. Applied Politics
  9. Crime, Public Law, and Policy
  10. Comparative Public Policy
  11. Health Policy

Each student constructs his or her area of concentration, suited to individual career goals. Within it 65-member faculty, the School of Public Affairs offers expertise in various public policies.

Drawing on that expertise, the MPP program advertises eleven areas of concentration: eight with courses taught primarily by the Department of Pubic Administration and Policy, and three others that draw on faculty from the whole school. Students may also develop their own customized concentrations.

In addition, other AU academic units (such as the School of International Service, and others), the Washington, DC community and the Consortium offer a number of opportunities for courses that can be used for concentrations.

Our students are encouraged to plan their areas of concentration early in their programs, since some of the courses may be offered only once or twice during the overall period of study. All concentration selections are approved by an academic advisor.

Information Sessions

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Prospective graduate students can learn about admissions, aid, programs, and faculty at one of our several DC-area information sessions. 

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