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Master of Public Policy

Master of Public Policy

The Master of Public Policy

Research. Analysis. Implementation.

SPA students KNOW public policy

The MPP Mission

The mission of the AU Masters of Public Policy program is to prepare students to advance the quality of policy making in a variety of institutional settings in the U.S. and abroad by instilling a blend of analytical, contextual, ethical, and substantive skills and knowledge. Goals/Objectives - We will achieve our mission by preparing students to:

  1. Formulate and evaluate public policy, and communicate analysis effectively to relevant stakeholders.
  2. Address societal problems with policy analysis in the context of political/policy processes in the U.S. and abroad.
  3. Improve the allocation of resources using sound, evidence-based evaluation of the costs and benefits of policy alternatives.
  4. Incorporate a range of values into policy analysis, including democratic/constitutional values, respect for the diversity of people and perspectives in the policy process, and ethical principles including commitment to upholding the public trust.

MPP Knows Success

MPP Success

Within six months after graduation, master of public policy alumni are finding success and competing in the marketplace.

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