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Public Management Research Association Conference 2015

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June 8 | June 10 | June 11 | June 12

June 13, 2015 

The Evolving Intersection of Social Media and Scholarly Publications

The University of Oklahoma's Scott Robinson wrote a blog post for #PMRA2015 illustrating a brave new world of post-publication publicity and advocacy for scholarly articles. A researcher's work is not necessarily done following the submission of one's manuscript, Robinson writes. "A few weeks before publication, we were asked to write a page-long press release for [Climatic Change's] blog," he states. Before long, Robinson demonstrates the power of the blog to proliferate the article his team worked to publish. It's a fascinating piece on the relationship between social media and research, and you can read more below.

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Graphically Illustrating #PMRA2015

PMRA 2015 Graphic Twitter Illustration

The graph represents a network of 246 Twitter users whose recent tweets contained "PMRC2015 OR PMRA2015", or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets, taken from a data set limited to a maximum of 18,000 tweets. The network was obtained from Twitter on Friday, 12 June 2015 at 22:34 UTC.

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June 12, 2015 

Thank You, Fran!

JPART Goes International

H. George Frederickson Award winner James Perry

PMRA Frederickson Award 2015

Prof. Perry with lifetime achievement award...and George Frederickson bobble head

Indiana University's James Perry, distinguished professor emeritus, was honored today at #PMRA2015 with the H. George Frederickson Award for public management. Perry's career spanned over 40 years. He retired in 2013, but has remained an active scholar, researcher, and lecturer in the field of public management, writing about how governments can function and operate more efficiently.

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Percolator: Implementation Remix

PMRA 2015 Policy Implementation

Policy implementation is achieved through a complex negotiation of multiple levels of stakeholders. This happens at three levels: Policy fields, organizations, and the front lines. At #PMRA2015, presenters and audience members are remixing the analysis of policy implementation, and the results will have enormous impacts. Click the link below to see a video and to learn more about the importance of multi-level analysis when studying policy implementation.

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Coffee; or, how to survive a 3-day conference 

ATTENTION: Buses to replace Blue and Green Line trains in Minneapolis


Beginning at 7 p.m. Friday evening, buses will replace trains on the METRO Green and Blue lines to allow for scheduled construction and maintenance.

On the Blue Line, light-rail service will be suspended between Target Field and Franklin Avenue stations; on the Green Line, light-rail service will be suspended between Target Field and Stadium Village stations.

Service will be suspended beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 12 and will be restored early Monday morning.

During the disruption, customers can board replacement buses near each affected station.

Buses will operate on a similar schedule as trains but may take more time. Customers are encouraged to plan accordingly.

June 11, 2015 

Daily Delivery

#PMRA2015 kicked off today at University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Take a look at the link below to see some of the highlights from Thursday's sessions.

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Keep up with the conversation: The PMRA 2015 Conference Twitter List


The social media conversation can move fast. Feel like you're falling behind? Want to reach out to colleagues at PMRA but can't find them on social media? The PMRA 2015 Conference Twitter list is a comprehensive list of over 80 participants at the conference, and its growing every day. Scroll through the feed to see where the conversation is focusing, and be sure to subscribe for more updates.

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Featured Hashtag: #PMRA2015 

Networking #PMRA2015 Coverage

#PMRA2015 Hashtag Network

Tweet action at the 2015 PMRC is heating up. Closer to the center? You're leading the conversation!

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What is Design for Policy?

"A pinterest/behance for civil servants/PA scholars: What do you all think #pmra2015 @pmrajpart?" - @Megansonofander, 11 June 2015

June 10, 2015

Featured Hashtag: #PMRA2015

June 8, 2015

The Buzz from PMRA 2015

It is almost time for the 2015 Public Management Research Association (PMRA) Conference!

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Twitter 101

Interested in Twitter, but not sure where to start? Join the American University School of Public Affairs social media team for an intro session on Thursday at 12pm in the Humphrey Forum. Bring your phone, tablet and/or laptop. We'll walk you through the basics and get you started.

After the session, look for the TEAM #PMRA2015 pins and feel free to ask any social media questions you may have!

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