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Department of Public Administration and Policy

SPA Policy Forum

The SPA Policy Forum is a semi-annual event that brings together businesses, public agencies, and non-governmental organizations who are committed to bringing about social change through strategic collaboration and cross-sector partnerships. Through a series of panel discussions, these events highlight new and innovative solutions to today's biggest public policy problems. Hear from the world's leading thinkers and practitioners of shared value on the "how-to" of building a shared value strategy that truly showcases business at its best.

What is shared value? It's when companies recognize that there are tremendous economic opportunities for innovation and growth in treating social problems as business objectives. Participants will share their best strategies and roll up their sleeves to generate new business solutions to social issues, re-imagining the role of commerce in society and the nature of competitive advantage. This is shared value leadership.

Upcoming Events

Partnership Forum with Concordia

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Founders Room, School of International Service
American University

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Featured Sessions

Climate Risk and Sustainability

On November 30th, world leaders will convene in Paris to negotiate a final agreement on carbon emissions. Panelists will discuss the role that business played in both negotiating the final agreement and putting the agreement into action.

Women's Empowerment Panel

Studies have repeatedly shown that, when given the chance, women will spend family money more wisely, resulting in a healthier and more prosperous family unit. Yet, a gender gap still exists both in terms of economic opportunity and empowerment. Panelists will discuss how tackling issues around the empowerment of women and girls is both strategic for their company and works to the betterment of society.

Human Trafficking in Corporate Supply Chains

Companies are finding that their supply chain has become more complicated in an era of globalization. Companies will discuss recent efforts to make certain that their suppliers do not employ indentured servants and that human trafficking does not creep into any aspect of their global supply chain.

About the Forum

American University, in partnership with Concordia, will host a Partnership Forum highlighting the strategic value of public- private partnerships and the competitive advantage enjoyed by companies embracing shared value concepts. Through plenary panel discussions, a working lunch, and strategic breakout sessions, we will showcase some of the great work being done by multi-national companies and non-governmental organizations using partnerships to solve some of the world’s most intractable public policy problems.

The morning session will consist of three plenary discussions featuring executives from leading companies working to solve big policy challenges associated with climate change, the empowerment of women and girls, and human trafficking in the supply chain. A working lunch will highlight best practices in partnership development. And in four 45-minute “speed dating” sessions, NGO and company representatives will participate in strategic partnership development conversations, facilitated by SPA graduate students.

The goal of the Partnership Forum is to walk away from the day with multiple partnerships in formation. Invited guests will include companies, non-governmental organizations, and Masters students in Public Policy and Administration.