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Department of Public Administration and Policy

Alumni Profiles - MPA

Rachel Beistel
MPA ’10

Rachel Beistel, MPA/10

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Current position: Program Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research

Favorite class: Leadership in the Changing Workplace

Favorite aspects of the program: The highly qualified professors and diverse student body

Matt Reges
MPA ’09

Matt Reges, MPA/09

Hometown: Winchester, VA

Current position: HR Assistant, City of Charlottesville

Favorite internship: Planning and Zoning Department, City of Winchester

Career tip: Look for small ponds. Sometimes the smallest local governments, nonprofits, or firms are the most willing and able to match your passions.

Matthew Sory Yansane
MPA ’12

Matthew Sory Yansane, MPA/12

Hometown: Washington, DC

Current position: Independent Management Consultant, Bainaka & Associates

Favorite aspect of program: My favorite aspect of the MPA program is its versatility. The program embraces a variety of subjects, fields that can enhance personal skills and lead to either private or public careers.

Lisa Shuman
MPA ’12

Lisa Shuman, MPA/12

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Current position: Regulatory Analyst, Strategic Management Services

Favorite internship: National Committee for Quality Assurance

D.C. tip: Take advantage of living and D.C., and explore everything it has to offer.

Reginald W. Mitchell
MPA ’07

Reginald W Mitchell, MPA/12

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Current position: Controller, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Favorite aspects of program: Learning alongside of very talented individuals in my cohort class.

Career tip: Always remain open to continuous learning. It should be a life-long endeavor.

Ned Malone
MPA ’12

Ned Malone, MPP/12

Hometown: Washington, DC

Current position: PhD Student, American University

Favorite internship: Department of Defense

Career tip: Don't plan too far ahead. Be open to unanticipated opportunities.