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Department of Public Administration and Policy

Alumni Profiles - MPP

Jane Clark
MPP ’09

Jane Clark, MPP/09

Hometown: Newport, OR

Current position: Knowledge and Data Management Analyst, U.S. Department of Education

Favorite internship: Public policy assistant at Baker Donelson, a policy advising firm. I got to research topics ranging from health care to Superfund, and cover Hill briefings, the 2008 elections, and think-tank events.

Jonathan Kappler
MPP ’07

Jonathan Kappler, MPP/07

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Current position: Director of State Government Relations, University of North Carolina systsem

Favorite aspect of program: My fellow students were diverse, smart, and engaging.

Career tip: Be aggressive in your job search, starting soon after beginning the program.

Nichele Waller
MPP ’12

Nichele Waller, MPP/12

Hometown: Smithfield, VA

Current position: Project Manager, U.S. Census Bureau

Favorite class: Social Policy with Prof. Jacknowitz

Career tip: Work hard and build healthy relationships with those who are working in the positions that you want to reach.

Jose Saavedra
MPP ’07

Jose Saavedra, MPP/07

Hometown: Washington, DC

Current position: Senior Monitor, Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit

Favorite internship: National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, where I worked as a research associate on various issues that impact Latinos throughout the U.S.

Favorite course: Public Managerial Economics

Aimee Custis
MPP ’10

Aimee Custis, MPP/10

Hometown: Sheffield Lake, OH

Current position: Communications Manager, Coalition for Smarter Growth

Favorite aspect of program: In retrospect, it is learning to write concisely.

Favorite class: Nonprofit Management

D.C. tip: Who you know is just as important as what you know. Network, network, network!

Michael V. Palinkas
MPP ’12

Michael V. Palinkas, MPP/12

Hometown: Painesville, OH

Current position: Management Analyst, NASA

Favorite internship: Targeting Department at the Democratic National Committee

DC tip: Live in it! Move around to different neighborhoods; meet people outside of your career field; go to local music and art shows; go to as many events as possible.