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Department of Government

Doctoral Students

  1. Emily Bello Pardo

  2. Samantha Guthrie, Adjunct Instructor

    Samantha Guthrie is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government studying American Politics. Her research interests include, executive and legislative relationships, state politics, the presidency, Congress, and elite political behavior. Sama… More

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    (202) 885-6273

  3. William Harder, Adjunct Instructor

    Ctr for Teaching, Research and Learning

    William L. Harder is the manager of CTRL's Research Lab and an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Government. His research examines gubernatorial administrative policymaking strategies and the nature of a state’s political party sys… More

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    (202) 885-3867

  4. Simon Heuberger

    Simon is a second-year PhD student with concentrations in American Government and Quantitative Methods. His research focuses on the intersections between public opinion, polarization, and news media. He is also interested in the psychological underpi… More

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  5. Danielle Higgins

    Danielle Higgins is a doctoral student in Political Science at American University's School of Public Affairs. Danielle specializes in Comparative Politics, with an emphasis on Gender Politics and quantitative methods. Her research revolves around fe… More

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  6. William Jorgeson

    Will Jorgeson is a PhD student in the Department of Government. Originally from Clinton, Mississippi, before coming to American University, he received BA degrees in Philosophy and Economics from Mississippi State University, then went on to earn an … More

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  7. Dillon Klepetar, Adjunct Instructor

    Dillon Klepetar began a doctoral program in Government in 2009 after graduating St. Michael’s College with a BA in Political Science and Psychology. His dissertation (completion expected 2016) focuses on the agenda-setting power of losing electoral c… More

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  8. Pamela Lopez, Adjunct Instructor

  9. Brianna Maurer

  10. Andrew McKelvy

  11. Luciano Melo

    Luciano Melo is a doctoral candidate researching democratic enclaves in autocratizing countries, especially in Latin America and Russia Prior to coming to the U.S. he was was an instructor in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, giving classes and l… More

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  12. Scott Patrick

    Scott Patrick is a first-year doctoral student in Government with Comparative Politics as his primary field. After growing up in Oklahoma and the United Arab Emirates, he attended the University of Tulsa for two years before taking a year off to teac… More

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  13. Ghazal Poshtkouhian Nadi

    Ghazal P. Nadi is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at American University’s School of Public Affairs. Her research interests include democratization, authoritarian regime durability and quantitative methodology. Her Dissertation looks at ins… More

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  14. Amy Ruddle

    Amy is a third year doctoral student in Government whose primary field is Comparative Politics. Her research interests broadly include political behavior, political psychology, social movements, comparative public policy, and authoritarian regimes. T… More

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  15. Sara Salman

    Sara Salman (ABD) is a PhD candidate at American University. Her dissertation focuses on understanding the development of parliamentary power in transitional democracies. Prior to joining AU, Sara had worked for 7 years with the United Nations Develo… More

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  16. Barbara Soares Lima Dos Santos

    Barbara dos Santos is a doctoral student in the Department of Government studying Comparative and Environmental Politics. Her research is focused on the influence of environmental interest groups in environmental outcomes. Barbara earned her BA in In… More

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  17. Daniela Stevens, Adjunct Instructor

    Daniela Stevens is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science in the School of Public Affairs and a recipient of the 2014 Tinker Field Research Grant, which supported her dissertation research titled “Uniting Behind Presidential Bills Even in a Divided C… More

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  18. Sasa Tang

    Sasa Tang is a doctoral student studying Middle Eastern politics in the Department of Government. Her research interests includes; social movements, political violence, women's movements, terrorism, and areas of political participation. After complet… More

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  19. Marcela Torres

    Marcela is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies and a second-year PhD student at the School of Public Affairs. Her research interests include Indigenous Movements in the Amazon Basin, Politics of Identity a… More

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