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Political Communication Wonk

The Master of Political Communication

Speechwriter. Campaign
manager. Communications

Political wonks message with knowledge, confidence and impact.

Masters in Political Communication

Whether you want to be a communications director on a presidential campaign, a media consultant devising national grassroots outreach, or a leading public affairs strategist guiding your client through a crisis, the AU Master’s in Political Communication is for you. Taught by leaders in their fields, this degree prepares you to navigate the exciting and changing landscape of political science and communications and give you the necessary tools to make a difference today.

Combining the expertise and scholarship from the Schools of Public Affairs and Communications, this degree provides you with the skills and knowledge from today’s leading practitioners.

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Degree Requirements

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12 Credits in Government

12 Credits in Communication

Capstone Course

3 Graduate Level Elective Courses in Government or Communication


Prospective students may apply through either the School of Communication or the School of Public Affairs at American University.

Please note courses are subject to change.