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Internship Registration

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FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT INTERNSHIPS: Starting fall 2013, all students completing domestic or international internships for academic credit must register for an internship course.

The internship course will provide students the opportunity to reflect on their internship experience as it relates to their academic program, plan their career goals, and improve networking techniques. To register, students should fill out the internship registration forms at the link above and return them to the graduate advisor. Students are required to identify and obtain a JLC faculty member as their "Faculty Supervisor". The student will work with this faculty advisor on 1) Determining the academic requirements to receive credit; 2) Outline the programmatic relevance; 3) Outline the learning outcomes for the internship course. Students need to obtain faculty supervisor approval to register for an internship course and should obtain this signature prior to submission. Questions about registration should be directed to the graduate advisor. Questions about the course should be directed to the selected faculty supervisor.

Course Numbers

  • JLC 691 Internship in a Justice Setting (1-6 credits)


Students are responsible for finding their own internships. For internship resources, visit the Career Center. All registered internships must: 

  • Take place between the first and last day of the semester in which it is registered. A 3 credit internship for academic credit requires at least 210 hours of service. Students seeking to register a for-credit internship for fewer than 3 credits should consult their academic advisor.
  • Be at least 85% substantive in nature (e.g., research, report writing, etc.)
  • Be relevant to a student’s program of study.
  • For-credit internships: Students choosing to register an internship for academic credit are required to register for a JLC internship course, which is registered for a letter grade (see Schedule of Classes for further course information).

Internships with any international travel require: 


  • Complete ALL REQUIRED SPACES on the Internship Registration forms (and GGP forms as necessary).
  • For-credit internships: 1) Have your internship site supervisor confirm your duties on the Internship Info Form; 2) Indicate for which internship course section/instructor you wish to register and the number of credits; 3) Sign the forms, and obtain both the Faculty Supervisor and Site Supervisor's signatures; 4) Submit the forms to the JLC Graduate Advisor. Your academic advisor will review and sign the internship application and submit the forms to the Registrar's office for processing on your behalf.
  • Deadline: Registration paperwork is due to the graduate advisor TWO DAYS prior to the registration deadline. Deadlines are listed on the University Academic Calendar. If the internship is the only academic credit for which you plan to register in a semester, the deadline to initially register without a late fee is the Wednesday before the first day of classes. Tuition charged for for-credit internships is the same as the normal tuition rate. 
  • Note: Students may pursue internship credit up to a maximum allotment of 6. See the Rules and Regulations on the Office of the Provost’s website. International Students on F-1 or J-1 Visas
  • An International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) staff member must sign your Consent and Release Form.

NOTE: ALL applications MUST be typewritten to be accepted.