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Setting the Research Agenda: Gangs and Gang Violence in the Caribbean | American University | February 17th, 2012

Setting the Research Agenda for the Future:
A Symposium on Gangs and Gang Violence in the Caribbean

Friday, February 17, 2012

American University
Washington, DC

This international symposium convened leading scholars who study the gang problem in the Caribbean. Participants examined the latest findings related to gangs and responses to gangs to improve the knowledge base on the Caribbean region’s gang-related problems and their potential threat to democratic governance and human security in the Caribbean. 

The symposium covered a range of gang types, from inexperienced and disorganized neighborhood youth gangs engaged in petty property crime, to more organized and violent adult gangs that represent a serious threat to public order in some nations. The symposium also focused on the causes, correlates, and consequences of the gang problem, including the destabilizing effects of gangs on legitimate governance in Caribbean nations. 

The main purposes of the symposium were to discuss the strengths and limitations of existing research on gangs and gang violence in the Caribbean and to develop a research agenda for the Consortium about these issues.

Hosted by the Inter-University Consortium for Caribbean Gang Research:

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Challenging Assumptions about Gangs and Gang Violence

Challenging Assumptions about Gangs and Gang Violence

Imagine living in a neighborhood with 53 gang-related homicides in a single year — none solved. Eighty-six percent of your neighbors report having heard gunshots in the past month, but police are little help.

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Groundbreaking Symposium to Tackle Caribbean Gang Violence

Professor Ed Maguire, Commissioner James Philbert, and Professor Charles Katz.

On February 17, SPA will host an eclectic mix of researchers, policymakers, diplomats and practitioners for the first-ever symposium on Caribbean gang research.

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