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I. Workshop Introduction
  • Faculty Biographies (Download)
  • Background Information on BJA Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project
    • A: Description of the BJA Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project (CCTAP) (Download)
    • B: Description of the BJA Criminal Courts TechnicalAssistance Project  Criminal Case Management Improvement Initiative (CMII) (Download)
II. Establishing the Frame of Reference
  • Presentation Powerpoint: Fundamental Principles of Effective Caseflow Management (Download)
  • Caseflow Management Process Essentials: Judge Jeffrey Coker (Ret.) (Download)
  • Sample Continuance Policies 
    • A: “The Policy (An Example) (Download)
    • B: Judicial District of Colorado Felony Case Management Continuance Policy (Download)
    • C: Flagstaff, Arizona Municipal Court Continuance Policy (Download)
III. Differentiated Case Management (DCM)
  • “A Simple Guide to Differentiated Case Management” Maureen Solomon (Download)
  • BJA Differentiated Case Management Program Brief (Download)
  • Sample DCM Program Summaries
    • A: Second Circuit Court, Berrien County (St. Joseph), Michigan- criminal (Download)
    • B: Pierce County (Tacoma), Washington- criminal (Download)
    • C: Judicial District of Colorado Felony Procedures (Download)
  • Articles on DCM: JUDGES JOURNAL. Winter 1994 (Special Issue Devoted to Differentiated Case Management (DCM)
    • A:  “Differentiated Case management: What Is It? How Effective Has It Been?” by Hon. J. Kelley Arnold, Caroline S. Cooper, Hon. Legrome Davis, Hon. Thomas Mott, Hon. George Nicola, Hon. Rudolph J. Rossetti and Hon. Ronald Taylor (Download)
    • B:  “Developing Felony Tracks”. By Hon. Legrome Davis, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas (Download)
    • C: “Three-Track Criminal Program.” By Hon. Ronald Taylor, Berrien County (St. Joseph), Michigan Circuit Court (Download)
IV. Forms: Planning, Evaluation and Technical Assistance Forms
  • Participant Evaluation Form (Download)
  • BJA Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project: Technical Assistance Request Form (Download)
V. Additional Resources: Caseflow Management
  • Sample Case Management Plans
    • A: DUI Case Processing Plan: Coconino County Limited Jurisdiction Courts. (Download)
    • B: Flagstaff Municipal Court DUI Case Management Plan. (Download)
    • C: Coconino County Superior Court Criminal Caseflow Management System (Download)
  • General Reference Materials
    • A: Ernest Friesen. “Caseflow Management: A Prescription for Renewal.” National Association for Court Management, 2008. (Download)
    • B: Maureen Solomon. “Improving Criminal Caseflow.” Bureau of Justice Assistance Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project. American University, 2008. (See handout)
    • C: National Center for State Courts. Case Processing Time Standards in State Courts, 2007 with Excerpt for Texas. (Download)
    • D: “The Ten Key Elements of Successful Caseflow Management Systems.” Outline information prepared by Judge David Archuleta   for New Judge Training in Colorado, from “Caseflow Management, The Heart of Court Management in the New Millennium,” by David C. Steelman, with James E. McMillan and John C. Goerdt. Williamsburg, VA: National Center for State Courts, 2000. (Download)
  • Self Assessment Resources
    • A: “Criminal Caseflow Management: Court Self-Assessment Instrument.” (Download)
    • B: Ernest Friesen.  “Caseflow Management Excellence: A Challenge to Court Managers.” (Download)
    • C: Maureen Solomon.  “A Practical Guide to Conducting a Felony Caseflow Management Review.” Draft. BJA CCTAP.American University. (Download)
  • Hon. Kevin Burke and Hon. Steve Leben. “The Evolution of the Trial Judge from Counting Case Dispositions to a Commitment to Fairness”.18 Widener L.J. 397 (2009). (Download) (See additional handout).
VI. Additional Resources: Defense Services Specifically
  • American Bar Association. Eight Guidelines of Public Defense Related to Excessive Workloads. August 2009 (Download)
  • American Bar Association. ABA Ten Principles Of a Public Defense Delivery System. February 2002. (Download)
  • American Council of Chief Defenders Statement on Caseloads and Workloads: Resolution. August 24, 2007 (Download)
  • National Juvenile Defender Center, National Legal Aid and Defender Association. Ten Core Principles for Providing Quality Delinquency Representation Through Public Defense Delivery Systems. July 2008. (Download)
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