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State Administering Agencies Technical Assistance

Project Description

The Justice Programs Office (JPO) of the School of Public Affairs at American University is awarded BJA's FY2014 National Initiatives: State Administering Agencies (SAA) Training and Technical Assistance Project to (1) provide SAAs with an overview of critical issues key sectors of the state and local justice systems are currently addressing, and the evidenced based practices and promising strategies that are being used to respond;(2) enhance the capacity of the SAAs to provide technical assistance to address a wide range of justice needs within their respective states; and (3) collect the information needed to promote meaningful interchange between BJA and the SAA's regarding the activities the SAA's are conducting, the promising practices being supported, the outcomes resulting and the lessons being learned that can benefit BJA and the SAAs as well as the field generally. 

American University has been providing technical assistance to state and local justice system agencies for over 30 years under the direction of core staff working with experienced consultant-practitioners representing a wide range of disciplines -- judges, prosecutors, defense, law enforcement, probation, substance abuse and mental health treatment specialists, and others. A principle goal of AU's TA services has been to promote systemic approaches to justice system agency policy and operations, drawing upon practices that are evidence-based and address current and emerging needs of the various constituencies that make up state and local justice systems and the pubic served. It has always been our view that the SAA's are in a pivotal position to give true import and practical application to national initiatives that are relevant to addressing justice system needs in their respective states and we look forward to working with the SAA's to support these efforts. 

AU will work in coordination with the National Criminal Justice Association and seven national partners, listed below, to provide SAAs with both an overview of the critical issues with which their respective constituencies are grappling as well as make known to the constituencies of these partners the role of the SAAs in their respective states.