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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Global Shared Value Leadership Curriculum

This ten-day program is designed to instill the essential leadership mindset and behaviors, including a deeper appreciation of societal needs and the true bases of company productivity, critical to creating shared value in today's highly interdependent, interconnected globalized world. Participants develop a Personal and Organizational Action Plan to ensure their further development and foster learning in their organizations.

Leadership for Shared Value Creation

Classroom-based and focused on developing a new way of seeing, learning, and doing (v. applying pre-determined solutions) as the basis for successful implementation of the shared value model. Course content focuses on personal leadership development and how effective leaders Identify and elaborate upon the connections between societal and economic progress.

Team Leadership and Creating Shared Value Partnerships

Creating shared value poses many challenges including, related to teams, bringing people together who have never collaborated before to agree on desired results. Course content focuses on developing the leader mindset and behaviors to recognize the assets, strengths and opportunities within society by learning the four steps of shared value measurement.

Using the Action Learning Model for Executive Problem-Solving and Shared Value Creation

Participants learn the foundation and structure of the Action Learning model and process and begin to couple, in real time, the perceptual changes occurring in the previous days. By the end of course, the cross-sector team created will have achieved the necessary learning to begin "working" a shared value initiative.

Leading Change and Diversity

Leading change in a 21st century organization, while fostering initiatives to create shared value, is a complex challenge. Participants learn to lead "white water rapids" change in practical and flexible ways. Innovative perspectives on leading change across public, private, and government as well as national boundaries are examined.

Leading with Integrity

Participants examine the challenges of decision-making from multiple stakeholder perspectives to gain insight into the link and complexity of personal values, public service, and corporate financial return. Participants explore the meaning of integrity, values, and beliefs, and how these shape behaviors and direct actions.

Capstone: Pulling It All Together

The capstone course is designed to integrate and consolidate the learning from the previous courses to strengthen the mindset and skills required to coordinate shared value strategy, align multiple stakeholders and integrate developmental evaluation processes. Participants share and discuss their Personal and Organizational Action Plans.






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