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Key Executive Leadership Programs


Public policy is best implemented by extraordinary leaders. We need leaders who can inspire those they lead, work and learn collaboratively, change themselves, overcome barriers to institutional change, act with integrity, facilitate useful dialogue, think strategically, and implement public policy with skill and fierce resolve.

For over 35 years, the Key Executive Leadership Programs have been working to develop extraordinary leaders. We established the program to serve and train senior-level federal executives.

The program and its graduates have enjoyed so much success that executives from state and local government – along with their peers in the nonprofit and private sectors who partner with and influence the federal government – have since joined and flourished in the program.

What is our measure of success? Ninety-six percent of our alumni indicate that Key has played a major role in fostering their successful careers. More than seventy percent of our alumni have been promoted since graduating from the program.

These statistics attest to the challenging and highly relevant nature of the Key curriculum. They also attest to the outstanding Key faculty – all of them experts in their fields. Because of these program features, Key students are amazed and delighted to find that what they learn in class over the weekend can be effectively used in the workplace come Monday.

For these reasons and more, I encourage you to join the Key community of more than 2,500 students and alumni. Joining Key will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Robert M. Tobias, Director
Key Executive Leadership Programs
School of Public Affairs
American University