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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Key Media Archive

May 2014

May 28
2015 Budget Planning
With the September 30 deadline for Congress to deliver a complete fiscal 2015 budget plan, Bob Tobias shares his thoughts with Federal News Radio on the possibility of another continuing resolution and what it means for 2015 fiscal planning. 

May 15
Measuring Agency Management Success
In the interview with In Depth with Francis Rose, Director Bob Tobias looks at how different administrations choose to measure agency management success.

April 2014

April 30
Bob Tobias talks with In Depth with Francis Rose
Bob Tobias, Director of the Key Executive Leadership Programs, discusses building relationships and the importance of communication on Federal News Radio.

April 17
Federal News Radio Interview with Bob Tobias
Director, Bob Tobias appeared on Federal News Radio's "In Depth with Francis Rose" to discuss a tiered SES classification system.

December 2013

December 13
Leadership lessons from the president of American University
President Neil Kerwin, in a Q&A, shares his leadership lessons with the Washington Post.

November 2013

November 20
The Challenges that Set Public Service Apart
Executive-in-residence Patrick S. Malone, Ph.D., explains why he's a passionate supporter of public service with

October 2013

October 30
Acting IRS Chief Bemoans Travel and Training Cuts
Director Bob Tobias is quoted on the Roger Jones Awards and the dedication of federal employees.

October 18
Managing a 'victimized' federal workforce after the shutdown
Director Bob Tobias discusses the return of the federal workforce after the shutdown.

October 3
Negotiation experts on how to end the shutdown
Director Bob Tobias shares his thoughts on what will cause the shutdown to end.

October 3
Keeping the office on track is key to management in shutdown mode
Director Bob Tobias discusses how to keep federal employees engaged while in survival mode.

October 2
E-verify goes dark as shutdown severs links to companies
Director Bob Tobias is quoted on the affects the shutdown is having on businesses and those outside of Washington.