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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Executive MPA Curriculum

Aligned with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), each course expands the knowledge of public administration principles and develops leadership skills through reading, course work, and conversations with peers and professors.

Courses include:

  • Leadership for Key Executives
  • Executive Clarity: Thinking and Writing
  • Legal Issues in Public Administration
  • Public Managerial Economics
  • Budgeting & Financial Management
  • Managing in the Information Age
  • Organization Diagnosis and Change
  • Executive Problem Solving
  • Language of Statistics
  • Acquisition Management
  • Politics, Policy Making, and Public Administration
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Strategic HR Management for Executives
  • Public Marketing & Strategic Communications
  • Ethics for Public Managers

For additional details on each session, please review the course descriptions.

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Learn how the Key Executive Leadership MPA meets the Senior Executive Service (SES) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). View the chart.

Academic Credit

Students who wish to reduce their credit load of the Key Executive Leadership MPA may be eligible to transfer credit from Key Executive Leadership Certificates and approved OPM courses.

Key Executive Leadership Certificates

Students who have attended all eight courses and received a "pass" grade for a 30-page paper at the conclusion of the Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program will receive a combination of 6 hours of credit reduction and tuition reduction that is equivalent to 12 credit hours.

Approved OPM Courses

Courses Offered at OPM's Eastern and Western Management Development Centers

  • Crisis Leadership Workshop
  • Dynamics of Public Policy Seminar
  • Environmental Policy Issues Seminar
  • Executive Development Seminar
  • Federal Budgetary Policies and Processes Seminar
  • Natural Resources Policy and Issues Seminar
  • Science, Technology and Public Policy Seminar
  • Management Development Seminar II: Leading Organizations

Courses Offered at OPM's Federal Executive Institute (FEI)

  • Leadership for a Democratic Society
  • Applied Leadership for a Democratic Society

For additional information on transferring credit from the Key Executive Leadership Certificates or approved OPM courses, please contact the program advisor.