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Key Executive Leadership Programs

My Key MPA Experience

Jennifer Wicks, Key 27 Cohort

“When we started the program, we as a group were asked to develop our cohort’s mission and values. It was a unique experience. I have taken that lesson of the importance of creating an environment of trust, community and respect with me to different offices.” -Jennifer Wicks, Key 27
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Keith Washington, Key 27 Cohort

“As a student working full time in a demanding job with family obligations, I needed the supportive environment provided by Key to achieve my goal of obtaining a Master’s degree." -Keith Washington, Key 27
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Kathy Geisler, Key 28 Cohort

“I think I changed my idea of a leader from a perspective of someone who just leads and understands technically how a program should run, to someone who is more embracing of people and who helps people to feel their value. Through that they grow and improve their organization.” -Kathy Geisler, Key 28
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Richard Brooks, Key 28 Cohort

“The biggest thing I learned is that it is OK to continue to learn. As a supervisor, manager, leader you’re supposed to have all the answers. Key freed me to continue learning. I know now that it is OK to not have all the answers and that the answer might be from an employee or colleague.”-Richard Brooks, Key 28
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John Czajkowski, Key-OPM 4 Cohort

“I came to the program to learn more practical things about public administration. What I ended up learning was that plus how to approach problems in new ways and how to build collaborative relationships across government.” -John Czajkowski, Key-OPM 4
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Greg Jackson, Key 36 Cohort

“Think of the best group of which you have ever been a part and multiply that experience by three. That is what the Key experience is like.” -Greg Jackson, Key 36
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Key Abroad

Key Students in Brussels (2011)

Key students compared governing systems in Brussels, Belgium.

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