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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Department Spotlight

Key on Cutting Edge of Government Needs

By Corrine Thompson

Inside the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

As stated in a recent article on Government Executive, the Federal Government has a growing need for executives with the skills to manage the increasing influence of the international community on our domestic missions: “There is a scarcity of leaders and staff well-versed and experienced in the global environment at many traditionally domestic-oriented agencies, a lack of government training programs and resources devoted to help fill the void, and a tendency not to deal with the issue until problems arise.”

This call for an increased focus on a broad, global perspective in training and leadership development programs has been answered by SPA’s Key Executive Leadership MPA Program, a leader in training federal executives for 35 years. The Key Executive Leadership MPA is addressing this need by including a course taught in Brussels in its curriculum this summer. This course provides students with opportunities to learn about the EU and other foreign governments first-hand while also providing the basic foundations of Public Administration.

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