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Key Executive Leadership Programs

Certificate Credit Transfers to Key MPA

Students who have attended all eight courses and received a "Pass" grade for a paper in each of the courses in the Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program will receive a combination of six hours of credit reduction AND tuition reduction that is equivalent to 12 hours of credit ($21,950).

You will be excused from taking:

  • Human Resource Management (PUAD 638)
  • Public Marketing and Strategic Communications (PUAD 620)
  • Legal Issues in Public Administration (PUAD 626)

You are required to take the following courses, which overlap between the two programs:

  • Leadership for Key Executives (PUAD 622)
  • Organization Diagnosis and Change (PUAD 654)
  • Analysis and Evaluation (PUAD 625)
  • Executive Problem Solving (PUAD 623)

For each course that overlap between the certificate and MPA programs, the tuition will be assessed at a lower rate of $2,500 for each 3-credit course, instead of the full tuition rate of $5,325 per 3-credit course.

All other courses taken in the program are charged at the regular rate of $1,775 per credit.

Sample Cost Breakdown: Open Enrollment to Key MPA 49

Key Certificate to Key MPA

Sample Cost Breakdown: Open Enrollment with Veteran Benefits to Key MPA 49

Key Certificate to Key MPA