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Leadership Program


  • Leadership Program
    (202) 885-2308
    Ward Circle Building, Room 250

    Margaret Marr

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Admissions Criteria

The Leadership Program — open to entering SPA students and those with a second major in SPA — maintains very high standards and admission is competitive. The Program seeks students who have a demonstrated passion for leadership, a passion for social change, and a commitment to public service. We look for students who will bring strong academic abilities, creativity, initiative, enthusiasm, dedication and follow-through to their work. Thus the Leadership Program seeks students who have, perhaps through their work in their schools, civic or religious organizations, families, or sports, demonstrated a strong:

  • Capacity for leadership;
  • Dedication to learning more about leadership; and
  • Ability to work well with others, which requires a true appreciation for new ideas and new people, a willingness to genuinely listen to others, a dedication to effective communication, and an ability to follow through with commitments.

The Leadership Program seeks students who will contribute to a diversity of leadership styles, personality types, experiential backgrounds, and political predilections because the Program believes that in such an environment effective leadership is best developed.

Applying to the Leadership Program

Class of 2019

The application will be available in the early summer of 2015. Read about how to apply »


Deon Jones

Leadership Students Bring Talents to the White House

Since 2011, ten Leadership Program students have brought their talents to internships in the White House.

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