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Leadership Program


  • Leadership Program
    (202) 885-2308
    Ward Circle Building, Room 250

    Margaret Marr

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“SPA Leadership is learning to lead from the best, with the best. Your peers become your teachers and your best friends.”
-Hannah Murphy (’13)

Curriculum: Certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies

First Year

GOVT/JLC-361 Laboratory in Leadership Development I
Weekly class meetings and small group work on social action project. Taken fall and spring first year for 1 credit hour each term.
Fall 2013 | Spring 2014

Second Year

GOVT/JLC-362 Laboratory in Leadership Development II
Weekly class meetings and individual social action project. Taken fall and spring of second year for 1 credit hour each term.
Fall 2013 | Spring 2014

Third Year

GOVT/JLC-391 Internship: Leadership
Fall semester, weekly seminars, 3 to 6 credits.
Fall 2013 | Spring 2014


Fourth Year

GOVT-460 Political and Organizational Leadership
Spring semester, weekly seminars, 3 credits.
Spring 2013 | Spring 2014


Students may take a leadership-related course, be a teaching assistant, or complete independent study in leadership development. See side-bar for options, 2 credits.

Total Credits: 15



  • COMM-310 Public Speaking
  • GOVT-320 The Presidency
  • GOVT-520 Advanced Studies in Campaign Management
  • GOVT-523 The Art and Craft of Lobbying
  • JLC-308 Justice, Morality and the Law
  • JLC-309 Justice and Public Policy
  • JLC-504 Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • PUAD-260 Administrative Politics
  • PUAD-343 Organizing Public Services
  • SIS-308 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • SIS-328 Approaches to Peacemaking
  • SIS-341 Intercultural Communication