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  1. Susannah Washburn, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

    Susannah Washburn has spent 20 years helping social service organizations meet community needs through strategic planning, grant-making and public policy formulation and execution. Susannah has served in political appointments under both the Bush and… More

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Student Directors

  1. Holly Hagerty

    Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Holly Hagerty is a passionate member of the Class of 2014. She is an Economics major in the Honors Program at American University, and serves as one of two Student Directors of the School of Public Affairs Leaders… More

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  2. David Shirbroun

    David is a junior in the School of Public Affairs and School of Communication. An Iowa native, David graduated from nationally recognized Ames High School. A member of the SPA Leadership Program at AU, David has served as a teaching assistant in the… More

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Alumni Co-Coordinators: Rachel Dockery & Jack Szeltner

Deputy Directors for Inclusion and Outreach: Allie Cannington & Marc Lewis

Deputy Director for Community Building: Emily Kvalheim

Finance Coordinator: Lauren Reiser

Publicity Co-Coordinators: Madison Mullen & Amanda Casoni

Media Co-Coordinators: Tyler Sadonis & Tripp Frank

Mentorship Co-Coordinators: Cassandra Henry & Jasmine Jones

Inter Class Coordinator: CJ Murphy

Fundraising Co-Coordinators: Caroline Ladzinski & Tyrees Smith

Events Co-Coordinators: David Shadburn & Harry Weiss