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Test Your Knowledge with the Herbert E. Striner Collection Crowdsourcing Challenge

Are you a history buff, an amateur botanist, or a would-be globe-trotter? Take the Herb E. Striner Collection Crowdsourcing Challenge and test your ability to identify photographs of sites, plants, and people from around the world taken between 1945 and 1999.

The goal of the Striner Crowdsourcing Challenge is to identify people, places and things featured in the images. To participate, just visit the Striner Collection set on our Flickr page and share your knowledge in the comment fields associated with these images. Our main objective is to assign a location to each of the photographs, but any relevant information is welcome.

Former Dean of Kogod (1975–81), Herb E. Striner donated his extensive collection of photographs to the American University Library in 2007. Striner’s passion for photography began during World War II, when he was an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. He purchased his first camera while waiting to be sent home from the China-Burma-India Theater of War and went on to take the 9,000 plus photographs featured in this collection.

Striner has many fond memories of the time he spent at American University and said of this donation: “What I am most hoping for with this gift is that those whose interests in the history of the years spanned by the work, 1945–99, from whatever perspective—artistic or otherwise—will gain insights and a broadening of horizons that will contribute to their lives, as well as the lives of others.”

In addition to sharing these images with the American University Community, Striner has shown his photographs in both exhibitions and publications. Recently, he has begun to digitize his black and white images, for the purpose of creating abstract art pieces with his photographs.

The Striner Collection is extensive and has something for everyone - from images of Washington, DC to famous places in the US and around the world. The collection includes images from World War II and the China—US table tennis matches in April 1972, as well as photographs of local sites, such as Glen Echo and the National Cathedral.

Begin the challenge here:

Or view the identified photographs here:

For more information about the Striner Collection, or to request copyright permission to use images, please contact Susan McElrath, University Archivist, at