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Master of Science in Organization Development

Voices of Change, a new podcast project from the Master of Science in Organization Development program at American University School of Public Affairs

MSOD Voices of Change

Welcome to MSOD Voices of Change, an ongoing project that showcases the diverse community of expertise of the Master of Science in Organization Development faculty through in-depth interviews.

Interviews produced by Kim Kokich. 

Anastasia Bukashe, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Anastasia Bukashe, Executive Director of the Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre outside Johannesburg, South Africa, is a part of the renowned faculty team leading the International OD Consultation course in the MSOD curriculum. Dr. Bukashe is known worldwide for her work on peace-building, dialogue, systems change and reconciliation in South Africa. A member of the NTL Institute, she is a successful international consultant, trainer and facilitator, with a specialization in Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based approaches to organization change. She consults to clients such as PACT Ethiopia, the South African Local Government Association, and the Institute for Democratic South Africa. She has received honors and awards from organizations in the United States and South Africa.