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CCPS Offers Dissertation Support through Jefferson Gill Fellowship

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Announcing a call for submissions for the Jefferson Gill Fellowship, a $5,000 award that supports an AU doctoral student using quantitative methods in a dissertation on American politics, comparative politics, public administration, or policy analysis.

The fellowship is funded by the Gill Foundation of Texas, which has supported educational development through philanthropy since 1997.

The scholarship selection committee will include Professor James Thurber, Dept. of Government; Professor Laura Langbein, Dept. of Public Administration & Policy; Professor Robert Jernigan, Dept. of Math and Statistics; Professor David Lublin, Dept. of Government; and Professor Jill Rickershauser-Carvalho, Dept. of Government.

Applicants should submit the following by October 1, 2009:

  1. A letter of interest, highlighting the statistics and methods courses taken and corresponding grades.
  2. A signed dissertation proposal, outlining the research questions, theories, hypotheses, and use of quantitative methods.
  3. Transcript(s) of graduate course work, including overall GPA.

Please email submission materials to thurber@american.edu or mail to:

Selection Committee, c/o Prof. James Thurber
Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies
Ward Circle Building #109
American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016-8130